White Collar Criminal Defense

Our firm has extensive experience handling federal and state white collar criminal cases on behalf of individuals and corporate entities including investigations of mail, wire, bank, healthcare and securities fraud, money laundering, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Travel Act, public corruption, insider trading, tax evasion…

Corporate Internal Investigations

Corporations, relying on our former prosecutorial experience, engage us to determine whether one or more of their employees have engaged in conduct warranting termination, or meriting disclosure of the conduct to law enforcement authorities.

Complex Civil Litigation

Whether representing plaintiffs seeking damages based on intricate or novel legal theories, or representing defendants in similarly complicated matters, we are experienced in state and federal court civil procedure and trial practice.

Administrative Agency Representation

Oftentimes criminal investigations overlap with administrative agency proceedings, such as a Securities Exchange Commission inquiry, and our firm is adept at navigating the complex issues posed by parallel proceedings. We have ample experience handling cases brought by the SEC, FTC, CFPB and other administrative agencies and licensure boards.

Criminal and Civil Appeals

Our firm has handled many appeals, both criminal and civil, providing continuity of counsel throughout the litigation process.