David W. Wiechert

IMG_6307David Wiechert has over 30 years of experience in white collar criminal cases, both as a federal prosecutor and a defense attorney. He has represented individuals and corporations in some of the largest and most complicated white collar cases in history. These include the failure of Lincoln Savings & Loan, and the Orange County of California Bankruptcy. He has been quoted as an expert in newspapers, on radio programs, and during television broadcasts. David provides clients with premier firm education, experience, and the comfort and care of a small law office environment. Mr. Wiechert provides legal services to those involved in white collar criminal investigations or prosecutions in venues throughout California. He has practiced in every Federal District in California as well as some Districts outside California. David has argued many successful appeals in criminal cases before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

The decisions you make with your white collar criminal lawyer are some of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Mr. Wiechert’s educational and career achievements place him in the ranks of the top white collar criminal lawyers. Most of his cases are referrals from the best law firms in the country.

Consequences in the criminal arena can be extraordinarily harsh. It is not uncommon under current sentencing provisions for individuals with no criminal history to receive sentences of 5 years in prison or more. You need an attorney with exceptional experiential and educational credentials. Moreover you should be comfortable that your attorney is ethical and will be respected by law enforcement agents and prosecutors.

David’s Email: DWiechert@aol.com

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